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    Restore the youthful appearance of your skin

  • Bodycontouring

    Improve body proportions, remove excess fat or skin

  • Breastlift

    Correct size, elevation, and contour

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body contouring


breast lift

Plastic Surgery You Can Trust


The Alexandra Private Hospital in Chesterfield is a dedicated provider of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire region. We also offer state of the art cosmetic dental treatments at the Hospital’s dental practice. Over the past several decades, we have developed a reputation for surgical excellence, and exceptional patient care.

Unlike other cosmetic surgery groups, we own and operate our own hospital facilities, and do not outsource any aspect of medical treatment to outside providers. Patient care is our priority, with an absolute commitment to ensuring the highest standards of clinical and service quality.

Top Expert Surgeons

Highly Qualified Medical Professionals

Highly qualified, accomplished, and respected surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals and staff with the highest standards of medical ethics. Don’t take any chances, use an expert.

Financing Program

Helping Make Treatment Affordable

To support our patients, the Alexandra Private Hospital has a financing arrangement with First Medical Loans in order to provide greater choice and flexibility when it comes to financing your treatment.

Amazing Results

Thousands of Satisfied Patients

So many lives have been transformed by the team at the Alexandra Private Hospital. See for yourself what our patients say about their treatment.