Our History

With a history going back over a century, patient care is at the heart of the heritage of the Alexandra Private Hospital. Built in 1908, the site of the Alexandra was originally part of the Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

In 1984, the Royal Hospital was re-located to the outskirts of the town, and the original hospital was purchased by consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr. S. Sherif (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Ed., Glas.) who had previously practised as a surgeon at the Royal Hospital.

Mr. Sherif began the wholesale renovation of what was to become the Alexandra Private Hospital, converting it into the modern private hospital that it is today.

Whilst its beautifully maintained exterior retains all the splendour of its past, the Hospital’s interior boasts the most up-to-date facilities, offering a level of private medical care unrivalled in the region.